A glimpse back a.k.a. birthday reflections

I still remember those days when twenty-somethings seemed like true adults who already are a bit old. You know, the aunties and uncles kind of old. I guess, I must have been around elementary school age when I had those thoughts.

As I became a young adult, my attitude towards twenty-somethings changed drastically. I believed, they’re still incredibly young and barely could be called adults.

Well, by the time I’m turning into the second half of being twenty-something, I finally understand, how young but at the same time experienced we can be…

It’s been seven years since I became able to make my own life-changing decisions. During this time, I got my Bachelors degree, fell in love, started a bow-ties business, followed my heart and moved to London to live with my boyfriend, there found my other love – marketing, started writing a lifestyle blog, moved back to my home-country, got a job I enjoy, started studying for Masters, created our home…

Also, I worked a lot on my travel bucket list and now have 16 countries checked, worked on lots of amazing projects and met even more incredible people, found out that olives can be tasty and so can be goulash. Learned so many things I’ve never even thought of (like coding, even though it’s just the basics). 

Besides, plants came into my life! I used to literally hate indoor plants and now my home is full of them, I have a balcony garden and can’t wait for those days when I can soak my hands in soil.

Oh, and I also learned a very important lesson. When I was a kid, I used to change my mind incredibly often and because of that I was letting things go incredibly easily. As I grew, I began believing that this is a terrible thing and that I must learn to stick to the things I do in life. And I learned to do that. Well, the lesson that I learned was that it’s important to understand what things are worth sticking to and when it’s time to let go. 

Because of that, I tried myself in plenty of different fields and at least tried to work on my dreams coming true. It appeared that some of them just weren’t that important and I let them go, and the ones that make me truly happy are still in my life.

This time was incredible. I’m so grateful for all those things that have happened. For all the good and bad. For all those tears and joy. For the people who were with me. For everyone, who made this journey so interesting. 

Birthdays always make me think about the life I’m living but usually it’s about setting goals for the next year. However, even though not all of those goals came true, I can feel that it was worth trying, worth doing what I did, and I’m simply very sincerely happy about the place I’m at now.

I have no idea what the upcoming years will bring now I’m sure they’ll be no less interesting.

Oh, and it’s my 26th birthday so cheers to me!