7 healthy habits that I enjoy a lot

When it comes to living healthy, it doesn‘t mean it has to be boring or unpleasant. Actually, recently I‘ve adopted some pretty healthy habits that I enjoy a lot. Step by step, small habit changes lead me to an overall better lifestyle and healthier me. 

Some time ago I was feeling tired often and it was mostly because of weird sleeping habits. I could work during the night until 1 a.m. and then wake up at 7 a.m. and go to my daytime job. On weekends I used to sleep from around 2-3 a.m. to 12 – 1 p.m. Being tired is not my favorite state of mind so little by little I‘ve learned to fall asleep until midnight and easily wake up at 7 am. That means not only that I sleep at least for 7 hours but that my sleeping routine is pretty similar the whole week. Goodbye tiredness, hello energy!

Another habit that makes me feel well is having my meals on time. A cup of coffee for breakfast, light lunch, something quick for dinner… Nah, that‘s the old days, now I choose nutritious and healthy food three times per day, around the same time daily. It‘s also one of the reasons why I have more energy and my head is aching less often.

Coffee limited. Oh, I love coffee and all about it – the aroma, taste, effect and the process of making it. However, because of a sensitive stomach, I shouldn‘t drink it often and now I drink no more than one cup of coffee per day and on some days I don‘t drink it at all. I can tell you that it‘s just the right amount of caffeine for a day and I can enjoy it to the fullest without experiencing any side effects (no shaky hands or racing heart).

Water unlimited. Instead of coffee or unhealthy snacks, I choose water. I knew the tip that when you feel like needing a snack you actually need water but never taken it seriously before. Well, now I know it‘s true. Water is what helps me to wake up in the morning, what is my best snack and what helps me to sleep well through the night. Drinking plenty of it is a huge part of my wellbeing.

Also, I try to spend as much time outside actively as possible. Sometimes it can be a calm walk in the neighborhood, sometimes a bicycle ride to work and back home, and on other days it‘s just a fun time at my parents‘ homestead. It‘s fun and healthy at the same time!

Another healthy habit I‘m adopting is a stress-free mind. This is a difficult one but get‘s easier with time and the results are… spectacular! There’s no need to overthink the unpleasant things that have happened or to stress out about irrelevant things so I’m doing my best to eliminate it from my daily life. And it feels great!

Well, and I‘m also learning to listen to my body and its signals and needs. When I feel burned out, I take a break, when I feel unwell, I think what could have caused that and how to avoid it in the future and so on.

These might seem as simple parts of the daily life but by practicing them I see a huge change in my own wellness. Also, now I believe that living healthy doesn‘t have to be very difficult and unpleasant. I enjoy these habits a lot and hope to adopt some more healthy habits in the future!