5 ways to feel better

There are some days when everything seems okay but for some reason, the inner feeling isn’t as good as we’d like it to be. What to do then? Boost your mood!

This happen to me every now and then so I’m always prepared to take some simple actions and make myself feel better and enjoy the day to the fullest. Usually, I choose one of these five activities, hopefully they’ll work on you too!

Go to the nature

If it’s not a late evening and the weather is well enough, I go to the nature. It can be a simple walk in a park with a cup of coffee or a weekend getaway somewhere to a cabin in the forest or by the lake. Both options make me feel happy and joyful again.

Take a bubble bath

A warm bath with bubbles is always a good idea, especially when your mood needs some lift. I like to light some candles in the bathroom, pour a few drops of essential oil into the water together with the bubbles mixture and turn off the lights. It creates such a relaxing atmosphere that it’s easy to simply enjoy the little SPA at home.

Plan a beauty day

On times when you need to make yourself feel better in general but it can wait a day or two, I like to organize a beauty day or a beauty week. Schedule appointments at your hairdresser and manicurist, book a relaxing massage and get yourself some beauty products which you’ll be able to use at home (it might be anything from a facial mask or a body butter to a lip-gloss or an eye-liner). Just take care of yourself and you’ll feel wonderful right away!

Switch off

Another simple yet significant thing you can do for yourself is to turn off your phone, tablet, laptop and all the other gadgets and hide them from yourself for some time (or simply turn off the internet, it will also work). Without any disturbance of social media, emails and all the other things, you can spend some time doing what makes you happy: read a book, paint, do some crafts or anything else. Simply by being in the moment and doing what you love you can find a great joy.

Do whatever you want the most

Also, sometimes we need something specifically to feel better and we know very well what that is. Actually, all I need to feel great sometimes is to plan vacations or buy a new dress. I such cases, chances are low something else will make us forget about these needs so it’s better to fulfill them. Of course, sometimes it can be too expensive or there might be other obstacles. What to do then? To find the best alternative! I’m pretty sure this will make you feel awesome for more than a few days.

These are my favorite ways to feel better and they are the ones that help. Having some ups and downs from time to time is unavoidable and feeling other than great is okay. However, sometimes we need to lift our mood and these activities are what helps me best, hope they’ll help you too.

April 9, 2019
April 13, 2019