5 Ways to Destress After Work

In the morning you wake up full of energy and motivation to do what you’ve been postponing lately but after all day at work when you get back home all that vibe is faded away and you’re too tired to do anything? We all know this feeling. 

This lack of energy and too much stress was killing me and I couldn’t live like this anymore. I needed to change something so that in the evening I wouldn’t feel drained out but could enjoy my leisure. That’s how I’ve found simple but effective ways to destress after work, hopefully they will help you as well!

A walk with a calm mind

One of the best ways I can destress after work is a walk in a fresh air. When working hours are finished, I finish it in my mind as well. This means that after work I don’t allow myself to worry about undone tasks or the meetings I’ll have tomorrow. It’s my time now and I want to use for my own wellbeing: thinking about the little pleasant things that happened, about my growth, dreams or anything else (but not about work). With this mindset, I go home. A half an hour is exactly what I need to think about my life, to remind myself what’s my purpose and goal or how could I be a better person. Once I come home, I’m full of positive energy again and can dig into my hobbies with a rested mind.

Trying a new recipe

Surprisingly, I found that cooking a new dish also helps me destress after a long day (however, if I’m very hungry, this is not helping). Usually on the weekend I go through my recipe books or blogs and choose a couple recipes I’d like to cook. Of course, I also go to the store and get all the necessary ingredients. The only thing left then is to cook. I love to turn on all the lights in the kitchen, take out the ingredients I’ll be using, play my favorite YouTube channel and cook. It was a surprise for me to understand how much more joyful it is to cook a new meal than an ordinary one, probably because it requires constant attention and your mind simply can’t be occupied by other thoughts. 

A warm bath and a cold shower

When a walk or cooking can‘t help me, I always try bath. Warm water, calming essential oils, candle light and a magazine or relaxing music creates a little SPA at home and all my tension and stress simply have to leave me. However, this bath time is also about mindset – I do my best to avoid unpleasant thoughts and concentrate on the positive ones. Oh, and a cold shower after bath is a must – it brings back energy and you won‘t be sleapy after that but ready to work on your hobbies, dreams or side hustles!

Beauty time

Another great way to destress after work is taking care of yourself. I love to play mood lifting music, light on some incense and spend some time pampering. Usually I apply a face mask and creams, do dry brushing, polish my nails or put on a hair mask. Anything works, it just matters that it would be about taking care of myself.

Cup of tea and an inspirational reading

Well, and there are days when we have the energy but because of crazy day lack motivation. This is when a cup of awakening tea and an inspirational reading is the best option. I always try to have some motivating and inspiring books by my side but sometimes quotes on Pinterest works marvellous. Open your mind and let that inspiration into you. Think about all the great things you want to do and… do them! 

Life is much more than just work so you need to destress after work and take the most of that time. Don’t let yourself to be tired and stressed out. Take care of yourself, recharge and enjoy your leisure.

February 21, 2019