4 Years of Surrounded by Charms!

Four years ago, I published the first post on Surrounded by Charms.

The feeling of this new beginning has faded over the years. But I still remember being a little bit afraid, very excited, and very happy about starting this blog.

Also, at that time I didn’t believe it could last over a year. Then I still saw myself as quite impatient person who likes to try new things and drops then quickly for other exciting adventures.

However, the love for writing, taking pics, sharing and communicating with you, dear reader, became an incredibly important part of my life.

I loved that so much, I’m still here. And still celebrating the birthday of this blog.

Now, I don’t see the end of this. It feels like part of my life and this must go on.

THANK YOU for reading, for being here with me, for your support and kind messages. It means a lot to me. You mean a lot to me.

Wish you all be Surrounded by Charms!