2019, thank you for…

As 2019 is almost over, I wanted to express my gratitude for the wonderful year it was. 

2019, thank you for…

Thank you for one more wonderful year with the love of my life.

Thank you for all the joyful moments I had with family, friends, and colleagues, and all the new friends I met.

Thank you for the new home we got and the great feeling of creating our own nest.

Thank you for all the travels I had this year, Poland, Corfu, Germany twice, Italy, Austria… That’s much more than I wished for!

Thank you for making me find time for reading books again. I’m pretty sure never before have I read so many books in one year.

Thank you for that crazy evening with friends when I decided to study for that Master’s degree and for keeping me sane juggling it all so far.

Thank you for teaching me more about the plants and keeping most of them alive.

Thank you for the strength to work full-time, study, continue this blog and starting a new project The Taste of Lithuania.

Thank you for all the new skills I gained, including wall painting and video montage making.

Thank you for creative inspiration not leaving me during the hard times.

Thank you, for the eager to take beautiful pictures and at the same time teaching me to see the world from different angles.

Thank you for the positivity and consciousness brought to my life.

Thank you for teaching me not to waste precious time but to make the most of it.