15 Minutes With WALALA X PLAY

A breathtaking work made by a truly creative mind! This is what I thought when I first saw an article about an art installation at NOW Gallery in London and saw the pics of it. It is open from 14th of July – 24th September and, finally, we went to see (or should I say explore) it!

WALALA X PLAY is an art installation that explores bold colors, patterns and reflective surfaces. For us, a woman who glorifies any act of creative mind and a motion graphic designer, it was a wonderful experience. The session lasts 15 minutes and all the time I was amazed by the colors, shapes, atmosphere and overall installation. And yes, I was taking pics of everything! Once you get into an installation, you also get into a labyrinth of bright colors and shapes.

As a person who’s constantly looking for an act of a creative mind, I wondered how the artist managed to make up this installation, what influenced and inspired her to create this mind provoking piece of art which is also full of positive energy. A lot of colors are used in this installation but somehow instead of looking chaotic they match well with each and create a harmonic atmosphere.

Besides, after visiting this installation, I couldn’t stop thinking about it how it was made, how our minds are able to create things like this one. But then I understood, that there were only a few elements used in it – walls, mirrors, geometric shapes and colors. That’s it. By playing around with these elements and presenting them in an unusual way, an inspiring work of art was made.

I strongly believe in the power of a creative mind and that it must be provoked from time to time. This installation undoubtedly awakens everyone’s minds and inspires them to step out of their comfort zone and create something stunning. That’s what I loved about this installation most and that’s why I think everyone must see it!


September 17, 2017