Secrets of Captivology

As a content creator, entrepreneur and blogger I’m always looking for new tactics on how to create engaging content and, most importantly, how to make it captivating. Recently I was looking for a marketing related Skillshare class and when I saw a “Captivation Marketing” class which had a captivating title, high rating score, and a well-made video, I simply had to watch it!

Most of the time, while I’m watching Skillshare classes, at the same time I’m working on social media content or make bow ties but this time I end up writing down all the tips and insights Ben Parr has said. He was so enthusiastic about the ways we react to some particular kinds of information and how our reactions are determined by small elements that I just wanted to soak in all that information and adapt to my marketing tactics right away!

Stages of Attention

Did you know that there are three stages of attention? It’s immediate, short-term and long-term. I’m pretty sure you knew them but do you know how to use information about these stages in order to fulfill your business goals? Well, in this class, Ben tells a lot about the importance of each of these stages and how you can benefit from them by planning your steps in advance.

Captivation Triggers

Besides stages of attention, the captivation triggers are extremely important when it comes to captivating someone’s attention. There are seven triggers: automaticity, framing, disruption, rewards, reputation, mystery, and acknowledgment. I’ve no doubt you’ve heard at least about a few of them but, once again, Ben tells all the tips and tricks how to use them in your business favor and if you want to become an expert at attention hooking, you must watch this class!

Difficult Things Made Easy

There are various aspects of this class that I liked but what I truly enjoyed was the way Ben spoke. Despite the fact that captivation is actually an extremely difficult subject, Ben managed to speak about it in an easily understandable language making it seem quite easy. It even got me thinking why it seems so easy right now but just an hour ago it was impenetrable. I think, if you adapt all these tips that Ben shares on the class to your business, test them and find what works best for your audience, and at the same time combine your business goals to your audience’s mindsets properly, you can increase your engagement significantly and become an expert in captivation!

Anyway, if you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, designer, brand manager, or any creator who wants to get more attention to your work, you have to watch this: “Captivation Marketing: 7 Proven Ways to Hook Your Audience“.

If you’re new to the Skillshare, sign in by using this link (by using it, you’ll receive two free months of Premium and I’ll receive one free month, win-win!). Once you’re signed in, load this awesome class and become a Captivology expert!

September 3, 2017