Prioritisation for Small Businesses

Since the time I started working with small businesses, I’ve learned a lot of lessons. But the most important one is more than clear. Without having priorities a business might go somewhere but rarely where it wants to go. Priorities are the best guidelines when reaching goals and so they are in business as well.

Priorities Priorities

We all have many dreams and wishes that we want to come true but most of us don’t know how to make them work. The key is priorities. When running any kind of business, there are insanely many things going on and all of them might seem very important. Therefore, we try to do them all and end up going further and further from our path to our dreams.

Yup, we simply waste time on unimportant tasks and forget what are the most important ones. The ones that can lead us straight to our goals. This is where priorities come in. They help us to always stay on track and to concentrate on the tasks that matter.

Let’s Clarify

What if we could clarify our priorities not stop wasting time on things that don’t matter? Well, we’d probably make our dreams come true, so let’s do this!

First of all, figure out what your business goals are. You can do a brainstorm and simply write down all the ideas that come to your mind.

Then, choose the most important ones. There should be just one main goal or a few but I don’t recommend choosing more than three.

Now, if you have one goal, your priorities are obvious. It’s working on that one particular goal to come true.

But if you have more than one thing on your plate, you must rate them. Choose which one of those goals is the most important, which is the second priority and which is third.

This is it. It takes no more than 15 minutes to figure out what it is that you have to do to make your dreams come true!

See Your Goals Coming True

Whatever you do from now on, must be based on your priorities. When there’s a to-do list with a lot of tasks in it, always ask yourself “which of these will lead me in the right direction?” Separate those tasks and always work on them first. Only then you can move on to the less important tasks. This way, you won’t waste as much time as you did before and will also see your goals coming closer.

Priorities can help you a lot to grow your business and to reach your goals. Besides, to clarify them takes just a few minutes and can save you days, weeks and even months of time wasting. I also recommend you to check out a post about long-term planning, it can help you a lot while working on your dreams!