Podcasts for Side Hustlers and Entrepreneurs

Since the day I started side hustling, I was constantly looking for some tips and ideas about business growth, promotions and all other things that concerns side hustlers and entrepreneurs. I’ve read a lot of books, watched many tutorials and read tons of articles, but what I found most helpful were podcasts. Only podcasts provide me with the most recent and accurate information on a daily basis. This means, once I found the podcasts that meet my expectations best, I know that every week they’ll be there and I’ll hear something new but still exactly what I’m looking for, like a never-ending book.

Podcasts for side hustlers and entrepreneurs

  1. The Side Hustle Show – a great podcast for those, who are looking for a side hustling inspiration or tips about various aspects of entrepreneurship. Expect to hear a lot of interesting stories from experienced entrepreneurs and learn from them!
  2.  The Duct Tape Marketing – marketing is incredibly important part of every business and this podcast is a great way to save time and money, and improve your marketing campaigns.
  3. Online Marketing Made Easy – another great podcast about marketing. What I love most about it are the freebies and awesome tips about email marketing and list building.
  4. Marketing Over Coffee – and one more podcast about marketing, covering all hot topics and creating value in each podcast as well as interviewing marketing experts and entrepreneurs.
  5. Daily Boost – when there’s too much serious stuff going on and your brains can’t listen to podcasts about entrepreneurship and marketing anymore, a Daily Boost is the best cure! This is what I listen to when I need to boost my energy and take care of my mental wellness.

This is what I listen to while working, going for a walk and at the metro. Honestly, these podcasts are all you need if you are or want to be an entrepreneur. The first one inspires you to go for your dream, the next three ones tell you how to benefit from marketing, and the last one develops your overall positive attitude.

By the way, what are your favorite podcasts? I’d love to include a few more into my playlist!