Package – The Most Important Part of a Product

Have you ever noticed how often a great package makes you buy things you wouldn’t usually buy? Well, it’s all about the package! Whatever product or service you’re selling, they all have some kind of packages. I want you to consciously understand how important the package actually is so this is what this post is about – the most important part of a product!

Where Magic Happens

The importance of package is the most obvious on simple products. Let’s take water as an example. When you see an infinite shell of bottled water in the store, the first decision is based on what kind of water you want – still or carbonated. Then you choose the brand. Well, honestly speaking, the water is almost always the same, no matter which brand you choose. But because of the packaging, you choose some particular bottle.

A package is where the magic happens. All those tiny details, those precious decisions as colors, fonts, text, and shape of a bottle are the key when it comes to choosing the perfect product. When products aren’t that different, the package is and it plays the main role.

What kind of package do your buyers want?

In order to create a package your prospective buyers won’t be able to resist, you must start with a research. First of all, research the demographics. You must know the gender, age, and the location of your future customers. Then, dig into their lifestyle and habits. The more information you’ll know about them the better. Lastly, you need to research very attentively their purchasing behavior. Find out what products they buy and why. What they like about them and what could be improved. What elements of products and packages they notice, what they appreciate and what makes them buy some particular products. Gather as much information as possible, it will be incredibly valuable when creating the package for the product you’re selling.

Besides, the same goes for all products and services, no matter whether they’re physical or digital, sold online or offline. Everyone makes the decision to buy or not based on some particular factors so you must learn about them.

Craft the perfect package

When you have quite a large database of your prospective customers and their behavior, it’s time to craft the perfect package for your own product.

First, decide what elements of your brand must be part of the package and what elements are optional. Even though you want to please your customers, your brand still has to stay.

Secondly, think about your customers, what emotions do you want to awaken in them? How do you want them to feel once they see your product? Write down everything that comes to your mind and choose the most important emotions.

Now it’s time to analyze the data you got during the research and clarify, what elements of a package make your target audience buy the product. Of course, there will be many different aspects, but you must see the main elements after all.

The last part of crafting the perfect package is to combine all those elements of your brand, your goal and the preferences of your target audience into one. The final version of your perfect package must stand for your brand and be easily recognizable. It also must awaken relevant emotions that would push people to buy the product. And it also must be exactly what your prospective customers are looking for.

Even though some people say a package is just a package and no one cares how it looks, it’s not true anymore. Nowadays, when we can choose from many similar products that aren’t much different altogether, a package is what plays the main role in decision making. Therefore, if you want your product to sell, you must make sure its package is appealing to the right people.