Marketing on Twitter

The question every first-time entrepreneur asks himself or herself is what social media platforms should I use for my business? Well, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms so let’s learn more about marketing on Twitter. What is it for? Who should use it? And how to use it properly?

Is Twitter for you?

First of all, you need to decide if Twitter is the right social media platform for your business. Start with a research of your existing and prospect customers. If Twitter is one the three most used social media platforms for these people – you probably should use it.

However, you need to be honest with yourself and evaluate the time resources that you can devote to social media platform administration. Marketing on Twitter is one of the most time-consuming tasks. You need to be all in or don’t even start using this platform. Therefore, you must make a wise decision whether it’s worth to use Twitter or not.

If you’re not ready yet to have a person working on this social media platform at least part-time – you should register on Twitter, have the account name reserved and simply leave it for the future. If you want to have some kind of presence on Twitter but not to aim for some serious goals – sure you can use it but don’t expect customers to come to you from this platform. Well, and if you have someone who can take care of your business’s Twitter account and aim for some serious results, continue reading because these tips are for you!

All in!

Let me tell you one thing before sharing tips – marketing on Twitter is a real game changer. It won’t be easy to get followers and be noticed on this platform but if you’ll be all in you’ll see great results after a while!


In order to be noticed on Twitter, you must be active on this platform. Very active, I’d say. You should tweet at least 5 times/day every day. The more the better.

Text tweets are okay but when you’re scrolling your news feed, text tweets don’t usually get your attention because they’re just a few lines on the screen, right? Text tweets get lost in the news feed and go unnoticed. Therefore you should use some kind of visuals. Images take much more space on the screen so you should always use visuals. What’s better than images? Videos, gifs or anything that moves! If it’s possible, use moving content as often as you can because they not only get the most impressions compared to other kinds of content but people actually watch it and engage.

Also, even when you post visuals, always write some text as well. This will make you look like a real person and not just a robot posting something and promoting your business.

Hashtags are very recommended as well. They make it easier for people to find you. Besides, you can have your own unique hashtag that you could use across all your social media posts. It can be a slogan hashtag that your customers and community could also use when they’re talking about you.

I also suggest you find a few accounts related to your niche who repost posts where they’re tagged in. Follow just a couple of accounts like that and tag some of them from time to time. This will also help more people to find you.


Furthermore, when it comes to marketing on Twitter, it’s incredibly important to always stay present. You need to communicate with your audience about the trending topics and not something that was popular last week. Twitter is all about what’s going on right now so no one cares about your scheduled content which has nothing to do with the things that matter now.

Besides, it’s not enough to post. If you want people to engage with your content, you must engage with theirs. But never engage with people by writing generic comments or just retweeting or liking their posts. You must be sincere and show your interest in them. Only then people will truly engage with your content and little by little you’ll build a community.

Marketing on Twitter ain’t easy. At least if you want it to work out to your benefit. If you’re not sure whether it’s worth spending time on this platform, don’t even start. But if you’ll be all in, you’ll see great results. Twitter is a wonderful platform where you can engage with like-minded people and build a community. So if these tips about marketing on Twitter don’t scare you and you’ll give it a try, welcome on board!