Marketing on Facebook

That’s no secret that Facebook is the largest and the most popular social media network and almost everyone who’s using the internet has a Facebook account. It’s also common for all brands to have Facebook and to promote their products or services on this platform. But how to market your business if you’re just starting out?

Myths of Facebook for Business

I’m sure you’ve heard many great things about using Facebook for business but you must know it’s not all that good.

You probably heard people saying that Facebook is the best platform to raise awareness of your brand. Well, sorry to disappoint you but that’s not true. Facebook used to be the best platform for raising awareness but those times passed long ago. Right now, when hundreds of new businesses are being created every day, Facebook is full of brands that want to get their spot on the wall. And there’re simply too many businesses and only the best ones are being noticed.

Also, you probably think that all you’ll need to do is to post some content and people will find you without investing in boosted posts and ads. That’s also a myth. You must invest in order to be noticed. And your content needs to be interesting as well if you don’t want to waste your money.

Well, and the last myth you need to know about is that Facebook will bring you a lot of customers. For most businesses, it doesn’t. If you just starting out to run your business and build your community, you must offer something truly extraordinary to attract potential customers who would truly pay for you. Another way you can expect just a couple customers from Facebook.

How to Succeed on Facebook?

I know that you probably hoped to succeed on Facebook easily because you didn’t know those things mentioned above are myths. But hey, this is a post about marketing on Facebook so here are my tips that will help you succeed and take the most of this platform!

Be Unique

The most important aspect of succeeding on Facebook (and any other social media platform) is being unique. You might know some brands that you already follow because they’re simply better than all the others. I suggest you do a research and analyze them. Find out what is different about their posts that make you and all the others follow them. Analyze their images, texts, voice, and everything else. Once you learn what’s unique about the brands you follow, adapt those things to your brand but make them even better. You must be unique.

Be Consistent

Another incredibly important thing about marketing on Facebook that many brands forget about is consistency. You must post consistently whether it’s once in a week or four times per day. Just decide what you’re capable of and stick to that.

Be Innovative

Being innovative is also quite important when aiming to reach as many people as possible. You need to follow the trends and new possibilities on the platform if you want to be noticed. For example, it’s a well-known fact that videos get much more attention than images so why not to animate your images a bit and turn them into gifs? And it’s not just that. You need to constantly look for what’s new on the platform and adapt your plan to those changes.

Be Honest

It’s probably needless to say, that there’s no point at pretending to be better than you are or be dishonest about your business on social media. As it reaches many people, all your pretty little lies might turn into brand destroying attention. That’s why you must always be honest.

Be Friendly

One great thing about social media is that you can interact with your audience quite easy. This also is a wonderful way of hearing a feedback or taking care of unhappy customers. But it’s important to be friendly. Being friendly can lead you a long happy way of growing your audience so make sure to take the most of this.

Be Willing to Pay Your Time and Money

Well, and the last thing about marketing on Facebook is that you must be willing to pay your time and money. Success on Facebook will require a lot of time of yours but that time can take much longer if you won’t promote your business to the target audience. You must have a Facebook monthly budget and always invest that money in community building.


I know there’s a lot of information and you might wonder whether it’s worth it. Well,  yes, it’s worth it. See, no matter what happens, Facebook still is the most popular social media network and one of the main news channels for many people around the world. Besides, a brand without a Facebook page is considered to be less reliable than the one which is on Facebook. Therefore, I want you to follow my tips, not to expect easy results and be willing to work hard. It will take some time but eventually you’ll succeed on Facebook.

April 22, 2018