Learn to Be Productive Whenever You Want

It took me a lot of time to learn about productivity. It’s what I was always aiming for and failing to reach. But practice makes perfect, right? Therefore, now I’m ready to share my productivity tips with you! Hopefully, you’ll manage to be productive whenever you want as well!


What I’ve learned so far is that preparation for a productive day is a must. So how to do that?

First, you must have a good night sleep. If you’ll be tired, there’s almost no chance you’ll be productive. Therefore, make sure to go to bed around 10 pm, maybe a little bit later but always, until midnight, and wake up as early as you can, preferably between 6-7 am.

Then, when you’ll be about to work, find a playlist with songs that will help you focus and play it. Also, clean up your workspace, there shouldn’t be anything unnecessary. Just the necessary tools and a notebook with a pen.

The last step of preparation is making a plan. Think about your tasks for today before actually working on them. Make a to-do list of the things you need to work on, mark the most important ones so you could start with them, and stick to that plan.

Concentrate on What You’re Doing & Be Productive

Once you start working, you need to take a conscious decision not to be distracted. Yes, this is a must. If you’ll receive an email, will want a cup of coffee, or any other distraction will happen, you must leave it until you’re finished with what you’re working on or until your break. Discipline is incredibly important if you want to be productive and it’s much easier to be disciplined once you decide to be disciplined.

Also, when working, remember to take short breaks every couple of hours. During them, don’t sit at your workplace, do some stretches, go in the fresh air or answer those messages you got from family or friends. And remember that those breaks should be short, no more than 15 minutes unless it’s a lunch break. Otherway, you’ll just be wasting your time and it’s not something you want. So be focused on what you’re doing, take short breaks and keep going.

After Work

If you want to be as productive as possible, you must care about your after work activities. Go to the gym, meet with friends, have a hobby which wouldn’t be closely related to your day job, and simply have fun. It’s crucial to remember that your after work activities have a huge influence on your productivity. Therefore, don’t sit in from of your laptop all day and evening, go out, be active and meet people.

So this is it, you can be productive simply by following these tips. I’m sure you already knew some of them but it’s not enough to know. You must take them seriously and implement in your daily life if you want them to work. Good luck, my friend! And let me know how is it going!

August 21, 2018