How to Kick Out Unhealthy Work Habits?

Habits control our lives and our work is no exception. If only we could kick those unhealthy work habits and pay full attention to what needs to be done… You know what? You can say goodbye to those habits for good and never worry because of them again. I made a list of most common unhealthy work habits and tips on how to eliminate them so make a cuppa and have a read!

Know What to Do

One of the worst work habits is not knowing what to do. When you start working without a plan, you definitely waste quite a lot of time because some tasks are more important than others and need to be done sooner while others can wait.

Prioritise your tasks by its urgency and importance and always know what you need to do next.

Before starting your work, always know what to do. Prepare a to-do list by the end of every workday so that every morning you wouldn’t need to think again where should you start. What tasks are most urgent and most important? They need to be the first ones on your to-do list. What tasks are urgent but not so important? They’re the second ones. What is important but not urgent? These tasks can be done later. What is not urgent and not important but still needs to be done? Well, these tasks are the last ones on your to-do list.

No More Distractions

Another unhealthy work habit is allowing to be distracted. When you see a notification on your phone – you must check it out. From time to time, you want to rest your mind a bit and start scrolling through social media feed but then spend much more time there than you expected. You must stop those distractions.

Say goodbye to notifications on your phone while you’re working.

You can stop distractions by turning off all notifications on your phone because this is the number one reason why you get distracted so often. Also, you can turn on a night mode on your phone and check out the notifications only when it’s time. Besides, you can put your phone somewhere where your eyes wouldn’t see it, that way you won’t be so tempted to use it and you won’t be distracted so often.

Focus, Focus, Focus

Even when your phone’s notifications are turned off, it’s easy to lose focus. Coffee breaks, chitchats with colleagues and other distractions don’t help you focus but you can change that.

Don’t let your mind to lose focus.

You must prevent your mind to lose focus and this can be done in a couple ways. First of all, you can listen to focus music. Find some playlists that work best for you and allow you to focus on your tasks. They won’t let you hear conversations your colleagues have and you won’t be distracted. You’ll also won’t feel the need to have an unplanned coffee break or be distracted in any other way. However, you need to have breaks and spend some time with your colleagues from time to time. There are a lot of apps that can remind you to have a break once in a while when your mind needs to rest. Find one that works best for you and have breaks only when it’s time for them.

Enough is Enough

The last unhealthy work habit that you need to eliminate is working too much. You can’t work overtime every day because it does no good for you. Also, you can’t do your job right if you’re tired.

Your health and the quality of your work is suffering because of the overtime you worked.

You must know when it’s enough and when you must stop. Of course, from time to time you might need to stay at work a bit longer but working overtime can’t become what you do every day. In order to be healthy, rested and happy you must remember that enough is enough.

These are the most common unhealthy work habits and, of course, it won’t be easy at the beginning but I hope you will find the strength to resist them and kick them out.