The Importance Of Networking

Whoever you are, an entrepreneur, blogger, marketer or anyone else, you must remember – Network is the key to success. I wish I knew this before I’ve started my own business but at least I consciously understand that now and know, how tremendously important it is in every aspect of life, especially when we’re talking about businesses.

Raising Brand Awareness

Have you ever noticed, how some entrepreneurs make their business known and successful from the day one and some struggle to make their way through everyday challenges? Most of the time the difference between these two cases are networks of people who work at those businesses. When you’re starting your business or launching a new product, a demand is crucial. However, creating that demand would cost you a fortune and you’ve already spent a lot for the pre-launch so you need to find another way to create the hustle. There is where the network comes in.

You always have some kind of network, it is your family, friends, colleagues and other people you know, and these people are the ones that will help you to make your business succeed. The more people you know and have a good relationship, the better. I know that for some people having a chat with a stranger might be terrifying, it was for me too, but only by acquaintances you can grow your network, make new lifetime friends and help your business develop faster and smoother.

The most ordinary example of networking importance is a business Facebook page. Imagine that you’re launching an enterprise, created a Facebook page for it and now you need an audience. You need people who would like your page, talk about what it is that you do and spread the word about your business. Of course, you invite all your Facebook friends to like your page but only people who you have a good relationship with like that page or the ones who find themselves interested in what you do. How many of these people will invite their friends to like your page and help you to raise awareness? Probably not much, unless you’re a really great at keeping good relationships. So, in order to save some money on marketing and making people actually talk about you, you must constantly grow your network and do your best to maintain good relations.

Quick Problem Solving

When you are running a small business, you must be an expert in everything but, of course, it is impossible so you should build relationships with people who would be experts in some particular areas and could help you. It is up to you how big your network is but I highly suggest you meet new people whenever you have a chance. How often you hear that someone had a problem, told about it to a friend, that friend told another friend and he had a friend who was able and willing to help because it was his friend’s friend? Probably it sounds familiar. This is why a strong network is irreplaceable when it comes to quick problem-solving.

It is especially important for small businesses when you often face situations where you are a newbie and desperately need an expert’s advice. Since I’ve started my own enterprise, I’ve constantly met situations when it would have taken me ages to solve problems by myself, such as making awesome images of my products without spending a fortune, consulting with professionals about ways to improve my social media content (without paying them!) or finding new business partners. Networking is the key to successful businesses so even though you might find it difficult to meet new people, you must do your best for your own good.

Let me know how you find networking advantageous! Cheers!

August 21, 2017
August 28, 2017