How to Reignite Your Passion for Work?

The same way we all have ups and downs in our everyday lives, we all forget why we love our job from time to time. So what to do when you don’t feel good about your job and how to reignite the passion?

All the Same, Every Single Day

The worst thing that can happen at work is that all days can become the same. We all know, the routine is a killer. And even though I have a wonderful job, I also lose my passion when I’m doing the same tasks for a longer period of time. Actually, I’m so quick to get bored that even a week of pretty much same days is more than enough.

Mix It Up

However, I believe that we all can manage our time and plan our tasks most of the time. This is what can help us to mix our to-do lists and bring something new. This is what always helps me during the times when I have a lot of similar tasks to do. First of all, I plan them in advance and do my best to put all similar tasks in one day so that the other day would be different and I could work on other things. However, such things as emails aren’t the ones that can be done only once or twice a week. Therefore, every day I choose a different time to check my emails and reply. Whatever it is that you’re doing if you can’t make each day different from others, at least mix up the daily tasks so your days wouldn’t be the same.

Have a Goal or Challenges

Another great way to bring back the passion for work is to have a goal or challenges. Usually, goals are brought by the managers or directors and you must seek them. However, in most cases, those goals are quite difficult to accomplish and therefore people simply give up. But that won’t help you feel passionate about your work. You must have smaller challenges that might lead you to that goal your manager told you to aim for or to get a better position. I personally always do my best to aim the goals me and the team are aiming for but at the same time, I remind myself that my own goal is to give the most to my job and to take the most. Therefore, I always try to do something extra, to put all my efforts into what I’m doing and to use all the possibilities that come my way. In my opinion, this is the best way to feel passionate about work.

Take a Break When You Need One

Also, in order to be passionate about work, we must know when to stop. Especially when there are too many things we need to handle and therefore we feel like we’re losing ourselves. Do what you have to do, don’t leave all your tasks for others but simply take yourself together, solve the problems and take a week or two off. You must take care of yourself even when it’s difficult. During your break, don’t do anything related to your job, you must take time only for yourself and spend the time without any disruptions. At the end of your break, when you have just a few days left until coming back to work, think about your goals, your job, all the possibilities you can take and find that passion for work. Then, when you’ll come back to work, you’ll be full of motivation and drive that will move you forward.

Work is where we spend most of our time therefore it must bring us joy and we need to love what we’re doing. Therefore, I want you to find your passion for work and live a purposeful life. Well, and if you can’t find any reason that could bring your passion for work back, then maybe it’s time to move on and find another position? However, I just want you to remember, that you live once and at work, you spend around one third of your day. You must enjoy this time.

August 9, 2018