5 Easy Ways to Make Your Products Stand Out

So what it is with making products stand out? We live in an age, where when we need something we are able to choose from an incredible amount of options. Some time ago, it was way different. Before online shopping became an inseparable part of our lives, shopping options were limited to physical stores, usually the ones located nearby. However, since the existence of online shopping, the competition between sellers became much more intensive. It became very easy for buyers to compare similar products, prices, and many other factors that are important when buying a product. And right now, the competition is insane. That’s why I believe that you must know how to make your products stand out and run your business successfully.

How should you make your products stand out?

Don’t pretend to be someone else, be you

What I notice between many first-time entrepreneurs running a small business is that they’re trying to be someone else and not their true self. Tell your customers who you truly are, why are you doing what you’re doing, why it brings you joy and why you care about them. There’re a lot of businesses out there that want to make their background thrilling and significant but the truth comes out eventually. Being real is also being sincere, and it’s standing out from the crowd of fakes.

Be honest and don’t overpromise

Have you ever bought something but once you received (or tried out) that product or service, you were very disappointed because it was not the way you expected it to be? Well, it probably happened because the seller set your expectations too high and wasn’t honest. This is the worst what a business can do to their customers because disappointed people never come back and discourage the people they know to become your customers. When selling your product or service, provide all the necessary information but also be honest. Don’t make it seem better than it truly is. If you think it doesn’t seem good enough to be bought, maybe it’s not suitable to be sold the way it is now and should be improved?

Care about your customer

Your customer is everything for you. It’s not just a person who bought your product or service. He or she is the one who chose your offer from those many options that he or she had. Your customer is the one who pays your bills, allows you to live the life you’re living, and makes you continue running your business and doing what you enjoy most. Care about your customers, make them feel special, make them come back and recommend you to others. Your customer is everything for you.

Make your products a little bit extra

A wonderful way to make your customers loyal is to make your products a little bit extra. The best way to do so is by making your package different than a simple brown box with a product inside. Make it into an experience. Include a handwritten note, a freebie, or something else. Give your customers more than he or she expects and bring them joy. This will make them tell friends and family about you and probably they’ll become your loyal customers.

Make sure your products are represented in the best possible way

How many times you haven’t bought a product or service simply because you didn’t like the way it was represented? Well, I’m sure it happened many times. If you’re selling something in physical stores, look for creative ways to represent your products. Make your customers curious, bring the excitement and turn the process of choosing a product into an experience. Make something different from others and find the most suitable option for your case. Meanwhile, if you’re selling something online, the most import thing is that images quality matters. There’s no point to make your products’ images interesting, catchy or emotional if they won’t be high quality unless you do that on purpose.

Making products stand out is the key to a small business’ success. You can’t simply have a product and expect someone to buy it, the competition is too intensive today and you must put an effort. But there’s nothing difficult about following these simple tips and I’m sure you can do this!

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September 20, 2018
September 27, 2018