Best Resources for Business Newbies

Oh, I remember that frustration I felt when I started running my first business. I felt like I must be an expert on so many things but I was just a beginner. However, step by step I managed to learn everything but it took quite a while and therefore I made a list of the most helpful resources that are incredibly valuable for business newbies.


Books definitely are the best teachers no matter what kind of business you’re running. Every entrepreneur must know the basics because it’s essential to a timeless business. Besides, it’s great to spend some time away from your laptop and have a read so check out this post where I listed my 9 favourite books for business newbies.


Not only books are great information resources, podcasts are incredibly valuable as well. I listen my favourite ones daily because they provide me with the latest information and keeps me motivated all the time. Therefore, try out my top 5 podcasts and choose your favourites.

Online Tutorials

Another great way to learn all the business secrets are online tutorials. There are many valuable tutorials but after watching lots of them I picked the most informative ones. Check out 9 best online tutorials for business newbies and ultimate online classes list.

Mistakes to Avoid

Well, and the last thing I want you to always remember – we all make mistakes. However, I believe that it’s better to learn from mistakes made by others and avoid them yourself. That’s why you should read part 1 of mistakes most first-time entrepreneurs do and part 2.

Running a business is not easy but you can do that. Just always keep moving, keep learning and remember that nothing can stop you. Well, and you must invest some time to get to know things better in order to be successful.