We all need the ​home to feel good

I was gone for a while and it was because I was working on making our home beautiful. I’m not even sure if this adjective – beautiful – is suitable to describe home but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is the feeling that fills you once you wake up in the morning when you see your bedroom, when you come back from work and enter your home, or simply when you come to the kitchen to cook. That feeling should be good, in all cases.

Last April we moved out of our lovely rented flat and moved into my grandfather’s apartment. I was head over heels when he offered us to move in and instead of wasting money on rent, to save it. Sure as hell rent money is wasted money, even though you can choose from any apartment you want. However, by deciding to move into this flat, we also had to say goodbye to that wonderful feeling we had at our previous home. Why? Well, because all the things in this flat were old and my boyfriend agreed to move here with one condition – we won’t invest money into this flat as we want to save for our future dream home.

That was okay for me until the beginning of August…

During this whole time, we were selling the old furniture we wanted to get rid of because the one in the living room was simply too huge and made a spacious room feel small. By the end of July, I continued reducing prices on that stuff cause I wanted to have the living room done until September. It’s because I’m getting back to university to get a master’s degree and I simply wouldn’t have time for home renovation when it’ll begin. And… When I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel, a thought of updating our whole apartment was not leaving me.

I wasn’t feeling good in this apartment. The kitchen was small and was furnished in heavy-looking wooden cabinets. The walls were yellowish in the kitchen and bedroom while the hall was orange. Within each day, the eager to renovate whole apartment was getting stronger and stronger. Until one day, I scratched bad looking paints of the hall’s wall so that we wouldn’t have other choice than to fix it and bought for the kitchen cabinets.

A couple weeks later, here I am, sitting in my lovely bright kitchen, writing this post and sipping my morning coffee. It feels sooo good!

The renovation is not done yet, and the kitchen is not finished either, but I’ll do my best to make it all look beautiful and feel good until the end of August. And of course, I’ll share it all with you once it’ll be finished!

August 20, 2019