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Weekend at the seaside

After a couple of months of intensive studying and work, I wished for a calm and relaxing weekend. Preferably away from home. Well, we had a vacant weekend and went to Palanga.

On a late Friday evening, we packed our bags, drove to pick up some friends, and were off…

Lunch at Blue Lotus, Vilnius

There are a lot of great restaurant out there in Vilnius and Blue Lotus is definitely one of them.

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend suggested go have lunch together and we also invited my mom. We all were keen on having some Indian food and Blue Lotus…

Girls night at Piano Piano

So all this happened a couple of months ago when my girls and I were having a lovely date at Piano Piano restaurant in the heart of Vilnius.

It’s a lovely place where delicious Italian cuisine, cozy cheerful atmosphere, and happy people meet.

Right when entered the Piano Piano,…

Daily poison in Vilnius

First, I’ve learned about the Daily Poison on Instagram, it seemed a very popular place for weekend brunch and looked lovely. But who said brunch is only for the weekend? That’s right, no one. So one Friday afternoon my love and I went there for a Friday brunch after…