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One Bottle of Perfume Ago

I got the last drops of my perfume and it reminded me something.

A little bit more than a year ago, I bought myself a bottle of perfume. The smell was totally me and I thought of writing a blog post about how much I love it. However, I…

The Healthy Lifestyle My Dog Taught Me

A healthy lifestyle sounds nice, right? It sure does! And I’ve tried to make my lifestyle healthy many times.

It was with eating not at some particular time but when I feel like that, drinking water, being active… However, all those times I ended up completely forgetting about it…

Hello, 2021!

Hello my dear! Can you believe the year 2021 is finally here?

As always, I’m very excited about this new beginning and hopefully year when we’ll be able to live more freely again.

It’s never a proper 1st of January without New Year Resolutions, right? Well, at least that’s how…

The Wonderful 2020

When the world keeps talking about how terrible the year 2020 has been, I must tell, it was wonderful for me. Of course, the pandemic is terrible and I completely agree it is a nightmare. But it doesn’t mean there’s nothing good about this year.

I imagined 2020 to…

Creative break – is it worth it?

I have been repeating that I need a creative break for a long time. And now I finally had it. A little bit more than two months when I didn’t have to create anything. Unless I wanted.

But was it worth it?

My creative break began on July 25th, the…

Getting a puppy: the joy and frustration

I always considered myself a cat person. Until I learned about Australian Shepherds. Now we’re getting a puppy.

It’s only two weeks left until we are bringing home our very first pet! An Australian Shepherd puppy named Alfie Freddie.

Honestly, I’m feeling quite overwhelmed right now. And it’s like a…