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Dutch baby with ricotta and seasonal fruits

Since the day I first attempted making a dutch baby, I was amazed by the simplicity and the variety of possible flavors it offers.

After trying out multiple variations, I found the dutch baby with ricotta and seasonal fruits combo that we liked the most. Thus, here’s a recipe of…

Strawberry Jam Crust Pie With Oat Flour

Craving something sweet? I have a delicious strawberry pie recipe prepared for you! This one contains just a few ingredients and is incredibly easy to make. Ready?

A pie that serves 4-5 sweet tooths having a pot of tea

You will need:

3 cups of oat flour

120g of unsalted butter

2 tablespoons…

Oats with Caramelised Apples and Almonds

One of our favorite breakfast meals is oats. I know it’s either a love or hate relationship with them for most people but we definitely belong to the love side.


For 2 people

Prepare time: 20 min

140 g oat flakes

500 ml milk

100 ml water

1 apple

30 g butter

0,5 tsp cinnamon

0,1 tsp…

Kombucha disaster & a few good recipes

Last Summer, I got my first kombucha scoby. Ever since, I was mastering my kombucha brew.

When reading online forums about the secrets of delicious kombucha, I also saw dozens of pictures with kombucha explosions. I was well aware that the pressure of second fermentation can became too high…

How I tried making Sourdough bread from scratch

My favorite bread always was italian ciabatta. Freshly made, still a little bit warm, with some sweet butter on top… Mmm… I would love to eat it right now!

But this story is not about ciabatta. It’s about the sourdough bread.

Last summer we got a loaf of sourdough bread straight…