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4 Years of Surrounded by Charms!

Four years ago, I published the first post on Surrounded by Charms.

The feeling of this new beginning has faded over the years. But I still remember being a little bit afraid, very excited, and very happy about starting this blog.

Also, at that time I didn’t believe it could…

My journey to dream career path

Over a year ago, I was thinking a lot about what my dream career is. At that time, I was working with a wonderful team in a position that suited me well. And studying for a master’s degree.

Some days were incredibly hard for me. Managing a full-time job and…

Language learning is the new leisure activity

If somebody would have told me that learning a language can be fun, I would have laughed. And if I knew, I will be learning new languages simply because I enjoy it, I wouldn’t believe it.

When the first quarantine started in Spring 2020, I downloaded Duolingo.

With no friends to…

Empowering new hairstyle

When I was in the second grade, my mom was dying her hair wine red. I asked if she could dye my hair too. And she did. My six years old sister and eight years old me were the only girls we knew that had strands of deep red…

Living now instead of future or past

The past couple of months were the happiest I can remember. Nothing special happened, actually, but the time itself and the way I felt about it was special.

I got into a perfect routine, when I wake up early in the morning without an alarm but with the birds…

Body Love and Sweat app

Funny but not so funny question. Did you gain weight during the lockdown too?

Well, I did, and a couple of months ago on my goals list appeared a new goal – to lose weight. Long story short – it has been three months of my exercising three-four times per…