The Book of Gutsy Women review

In the shadow of Bill Clinton, little did I know about the Clinton women – Hillary and Chelsea. Just that Hillary could have been the president of the United States and that Chelsea, the daughter of the famous Clintons, exists.

Until one day I was searching for empowering books about women and Gutsy Women caught my eye. Honestly, I felt a bit confused who the authors of this book was. The Clinton women.

Soon after, I went to the library, got this book and here it is – a post about The Book of Gutsy Women.

In my opinion, it’s a masterpiece that every woman of any age should have by her side.

Well written from very first page to the last, it tells stories of various women who were ahead of their time, doing things no other woman was. It inspired me. Showed, that in this time of opportunities, it’s simply coward to believe something is absolutely impossible. There were times when society limited women, put them in strict standards and boundaries, but the ones who truly wanted to follow their own path – did it. And so can I. And you, my dear.

Every story was interesting in its own way. I must admit, it is not a book one should read like a novel. It’s like a box of chocolate – the most pleasant when reading little by little. A story a day.

Because of that, I did not finish reading the whole book. Instead, I returned it to the library and promised myself to buy this book and have it by my side for those moments, when I feel weak, afraid, or lost. Everything was possible for so many women, and even more. So it must be the same for me as long as I keep working on my dreams.