Why Do I Love Books? + My Reading List

During the past couple of years, I didn’t feel the need to read books, nor I even wanted to do so. The ones I read during this time was all marketing and business related. Well, that changed a few months ago.

Book From a Library

A friend of mine gave me a book she had taken from a library and it changed it all. It was one of those books that aren’t new in a library, with a little bit yellow pages and soaked in library smell,  a book that spends less time in a library and most of the time is in someone’s hands, being read. The cover of that book wasn’t perfect, it looked old and… tempting. I seemed that a lot of people had read that book and it must be interesting. That book made me go to a library, register there and read again.

Why Do I Love Books?

Once I brought those books home and began reading one of them, it reminded me why I love books so much. First of all, books teach. No matter what kind of book it is, every one of them teaches us something. Also, they inspire and make us see the world through different eyes. It’s because every person’s perspective is different and the only way to see more than through our own eyes is by letting others guide us. Besides, every book makes me understand people better and believe in them. What else? Books make me move forward when I feel stuck. They calm my body and awaken my mind. And the last one – they help me fall asleep.

My Current Reading List:

  • “Show your work” by Austin Kleon
  • “Mindfuck” by Petra Bock
  • “Everyday Tao” by Deng Ming-Dao
  • “The metamorphosis of consciousness” by Gintautas Mazeikis
  • “Positioning” by Al Ries and Jack Trout

Now I’m spending my lunch breaks and evenings with a book in my hands. It feels so right and I feel incredibly good about it. Those books not only show me what I haven’t seen before but also inspires and show the way to better me. 

August 21, 2018