How I Fell in Love With… Reading (Again) & My Reading List

If a few months ago someone would have asked me what books do I recommend reading, I wouldn’t have an answer. Unless you’re interested in marketing because the only books I’ve read lately were all marketing related. Gladly, now it’s completely different!

It all began with The Clan of the Cave Bear

As winter came by and it was impossible to make enough good-looking pictures for the blog posts due to darkness (that’s what you have to deal with when working 9-6), I borrowed a book from my colleague which she recommended for me a while ago. It was Jean M. Auel book The Clan of the Cave Bear. Wanna know what my first impression was when I saw that book? I thought I’ll never finish it! It had 468 pages and it seemed way too much fiction for such a reader as me. A couple of days later (weekend including), I asked for the second book, and less than a week later the third book was in my hands. Now I’m reading the fourth book of these series, it happened to be the last interesting book from the previous ones so it’s going slower but I’m sure I’ll finish reading all six books soon. Oh, reading is a great way to spend those rainy and grey days!

Then followed Food Pharmacy

In mid-December when I was reading whenever I could and was also looking for Christmas gifts, I noticed one book with gorgeous cover. White background, green illustrations, and golden details. It was so aesthetic! To be honest, I felt an eager to have this book just because it looked so good. Vain? Damn, yes! But I didn’t buy it only because of its cover. Whenever I was looking for books that would be interesting for my relatives, I always saw this book as well. And then one evening I googled what it’s about. It happened to be exactly what I needed – a simple explanatory book about what’s good for us to eat and what does no good for our health. Moreover, it not only says what to do but also explains why some things are good while others aren’t. I’ve never written about it, but I have reflux disease and it’s a mystery for me how exactly should I eat so that I wouldn’t feel bad after eating. The book with enchanting cover is Food Pharmacy: A Guide to Gut Bacteria, Anti-Inflammatory Foods, and Eating for Health written by Lina Aurell and Mia Clase. I’m reading this book slowly, doing my best to learn everything about our bodies and food. However, I can tell you that it’s a great book, suitable for everyone who wants to eat healthily.

And then it was Ant Medines Lenteles

Well, and as I got interested in healthy eating, I also changed the way I saw food bloggers’ posts on social media. One Lithuanian food blogger, Ant medines lenteles, I was following for a long time and always appreciated the visuals of her meals and was interested in her stories. However, I’m not a fan of cooking so I’ve tried only a couple of her recipes. But when I dug into Food Pharmacy, I noticed how healthy the recipes of Ant medines lenteles are. Besides, recently she published a book full of healthy recipes so when my godmother asked what I wanted for Christmas I asked for that book. This book is changing the way I feel in the kitchen (less stressed about new meal disaster) and also the way I feel because of food. It’s all better now!

So I guess it was my faith, to become interested in one story and then fall in love with reading again. Actually, this is the reason why I haven’t written for a while – I was busy reading! And now I have some more books waiting to be read.

What’s on my reading list now?

  • The Plains of Passage by Jean M. Auel
  • Goddesses in Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen
  • Indoor Plants by Zigmantas Gudzinskas and Indre Vozgirdaite
  • Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg