Easy breezy​ reading list

This year I haven’t set a goal of how many books I have to read but even if I had this goal, I’m sure I could already check it as completed. Around every two weeks, I visit the library and always go out with a heavy backpack full of books.

Here’s my easy breezy reading list with which I’ve enjoyed a lot:

Elizabeth Bard Picnic in Provence. A Memoir with Recipes

This book got my attention when we were spending the weekend at Vytautas Mineral SPA. I went to their library and forgot my own book in the room so I took this book with a lovely cover and started reading. It’s a wonderful read for calm leisure. Provence, a loving family, delicious homemade food… Wonderful!

Laura Barnett Versions of Us

This is a romantic story of two people and their lives: together and separately. It’s incredible how one accident, one decision can lead to a completely different path of life.

Elif Shafak The Flea Palace

An enchanting story of completely different and unique people living in one house, with their own stories, lives, loves and cries. Chaotic but at the same time mesmerizing story which made me see Istanbul through a different perspective.

Simone van der Vlugt Midnight Blue

This book was so simple yet interesting that I read it in one day. A story of a woman who stands for herself and manages to find joy even when it seems impossible.

Deborah Rodriguez Kabul Beauty School

An empowering story of women of Afganistan. Even though I was aware of the situation in Afganistan and how difficult it is for people living there, I actually didn’t know it’s so difficult especially for women. A strong and inspiring story I enjoyed a lot.

Beata Tiškevič Vyvenimas

A sincere story of a life full of self-search, obstacles, and love. It taught me that often people around me can be in need of support and care even when I have no idea about it so I’ll keep my eyes wide open.

Ernest Hemingway To Have and Have Not

A thought provoking book of all the things we need in life. Written in a wonderful manner, it feels like a beautiful and simple story of life but at the same time it awakens such important questions and encourages to answer them sincerely.

So far this is it, these are the books I’ve read lately and they all were great. If you’re looking for what to read this Summer, I suggest you to check out at least some of these books. Enjoy the reading!