The hair struggle is real

The saying goes Short hair don’t care and I 100% agree with it. Whenever I cut my hair off, I feel great and love the way they look like. However, I almost always wish to grow them a little bit longer. What’s stopping me from doing that? That silly, strange length.

Once my hair reaches the shoulders and is in the middle of the shoulders and armpits, I feel like a spaniel who needs a haircut.

On that strange length, I find my hair quite bulgy and difficult to take care of. Of course, I must mention, that usually I simply wash my hair with a shampoo, sometimes add a conditioner, and then blow-dry them. That’s it, that’s all I do with them. When they’re short. And that’s why I usually keep them short.

Well, it’s that time again when my hair feels silly and I’m hesitating almost every day whether I should let them grow or cut off. The only difference is that I think, this time I really want to let them grow longer.

That’s why I got one additional hair care product – welcome to the family – Biosilk silk serum for hair. I’ve tried it once, in early Summer, when my colleague was applying it onto her hair and suggested me to try it out. But at that time, my hair was short and even though I liked how soft and even my hair looked like with it, I haven’t bought it for myself.

Until around a month ago. And I was using it almost every day since.

This hair serum turned my silly hair into silky. It truly made a difference and my hair looks and feels much better (bulgy no more).

Of course, it’s not miraculous and doesn’t make my hair look superb each day. I still need to use hair straightener from time to time to keep them good-looking. But it does make me feel good with my hair and keeps the possibility to grow them a little bit longer.

The hair struggle is real but now I finally have one thing to seek for help!