Surprising Lepo Lipstick

Recently, I found a surprising lipstick. It’s Lepo lipstick. You can even call it miraculous because of what it does. Or should I say how it works? Well, since the summer has started, my lips were bright pink and I felt divine mostly because of that lipstick.

Let Us Show You What We Have

At the beginning of June, during my lunch break walk in the old town, I came across a boutique I’ve never been to before. Once I entered it, a very nice lady welcomed me and was happy to tell me about all the interesting things they have in store. All the products there were outstanding. Natural and eco-friendly cosmetics and skincare products, essential oils, perfumes, teas and home goods.

When we came to the makeup section, I wasn’t very interested, to be honest. It’s almost one year since I decided to declutter makeup from my daily life so make up isn’t my thing anymore. It was least interesting when I was told about all the lipglosses because I simply never use them. And then it happened. I saw a green lipstick. It definitely got my attention! Never before have I seen anything like it. The lady suggested me to try it on and see how it looks like.

The Invisible Power of Lepo Lipstick

Once applied on the skin, this green lipstick changes color according to the ph of the skin. It turned into such beautiful bright pink color that I was amazed by it. Well, and not only because of the color but also because of the fact that it’s green and turns into peonies’ pink. As you can guess, I couldn’t resist it.

Since the day I got myself this Lepo lipstick, I was wearing it almost daily. It definitely boosts my self-confidence and gives some extra powers. Besides, I just love to apply it while watching at the mirror and see how it slowly changes color and turns pink. A truly satisfying process I would say.

July 3, 2018