Sun In My Hands!

When it is rainy and super cloudy outside more than a few days, I can feel myself become moody as well but… it is up to us to decide if we want to be moody or we can “shake your booty”! So this is what I did! Grabbed my umbrella I when to the Superdrug Store to get some bright nail polish.

The yellow one instantly got my attention. It was so sunny, bright and jaunty that I simply fell in love with it! But… I would not be a girl if I could go with just one nail polish. The dark purple nail polish looked so appealing and flirty, I almost imagined he talking to me and asking to take him as well! Eventually, I bought both of them, the Maybelline Color Show 749 and Maybelline Color Show 25.

On my way home I was dreaming about combos of these two polishes. Have you seen the manicure that is quite popular right now, nude nails with small black circles? I had tried it before and it brilliantly fit my personality, so I thought, why not to do the same with these two new polishes I just got!

For me, a manicure is a great way to enhance your creativity and show the world who you truly are. It also inspires us and others (this is partly why I needed those bright colors so much!) and makes not only our hands look fabulous but the whole world at least a little bit happier!

So as soon as I got home I did myself a manicure. This is where a wonderful kit by Zwilling J. A. Henckels came to help, I always use it to take care of my nails. After forming the nails I applied four layers of yellow Maybelline Color Show 749 nail polish and then, using a toothpick, I painted some small dots with Maybelline Color Show 25 nail polish.

Now no rain is scary for me because I have my own sun in my hands!

P.s. I am pretty sure it would look awesome on a sunny day as well!