Style habits I’m adopting

Lately I noticed that even though I love to dress up and play around with my outfits, I was wearing all the same clothes again and again. Two pairs of pants, one skirt, some shirts and sweaters and one dress… The morning rush and lazy evenings aren‘t made for creating new outfits so I was simply picking my favorite pieces. However, there are so many clothes and accessories I love that I decided to wear them more often and to adopt some style habits. So here‘s what I‘m doing:

Outfit planning

First of all, I‘m planning my outfits for at least one week ahead. I‘m playing with colors and textures and finding what suits me and makes me feel my best self.

One piece at a time

Also, in my closet are quite a lot of clothes that I wear rarely because I don‘t have time to style them but that doesn‘t mean that I don‘t like them – I do a lot actually! So when creating outfits, at the beginning I pick some of those rarely worn clothes together with some others that I simply like to wear daily.

Bulding an outfit

Then, once I have a starting point for every outfit, I try a lot of different options to find the ones that look best. This is where I try to turn simplicity into something unique and not ordinary.

Accessories everywhere

Well, and lastly, I‘m choosing some accessories for every outfit to make it feel a little bit extra. It ain‘t secret that accessories are great finishing touches and I‘m using them to the fullest now. Besides, just like with clothes I‘m trying to wear rarely worn pieces, I‘m also trying to pick different accessories instead of wearing the ones that look good with every outfit.

So far it was a very pleasant game of dressing up and expressing my inner self through various looks. After two weeks of being in this, I can tell that for a long time I haven‘t felt that good so I hope to actually adopt these habits finally!

April 17, 2019