The Story Behind Ceramiczne

You what’s the greatest thing about social media? It allows inspiring people to share their significant ideas and helps other people to find them. But this post is not about social media, it’s about Ceramiczne. An extraordinary brand that I found on Instagram and was amazed not only by its jewelry but also by its mission. Let me tell you the story behind Ceramiczne.

Astonishment at the First Sight

It all started with a post on Instagram of a pair of hands looking ceramic earrings. Those hands looked like real ones. With all the subtle details like blood-vessels and uneven skin on joints. Represented in a lovely pink background they definitely got my attention. As I opened that profile to see what other pieces they have, I was astonished.

There were posts of ceramic lips, hearts, hands, and feet. They all were surreal and significant. Never before have I seen anything similar. I wanted to know more about those pieces. They weren’t just simple, nice looking accessories. They definitely had a mission and a story behind them and I needed to learn all about them!

The Story of Ceramiczne

Ceramiczne is a pottery studio of inspiring and conscious-minded creators from Warsaw, Poland. They make ordinary pieces as bowls, plates, and planters as well but their jewelry is definitely extraordinary. Precise shapes of human body reflect their ideas of the problems of nowadays society.

Even though we consider ourselves to live in a developed world, our minds are still developing. A huge part of our society still lacks tolerance, consciousness, and humanity. We think only of ourselves and our wellbeing but forget those in need. What if we all were a little bit more unselfish? What if we care more about the environment and people around us? Well, I’m pretty sure the world would become a better place for all of us.

With those incredible pieces of art, Ceramizcne aims to provoke people to talk about problems such as tolerance, ecology, and mass-consumption.

Right now, when almost all world is talking about the problems of immigrants and refugees, about how much they cost and how they disrupt the peace, it seems like those people are things but not human beings. No matter what language we speak, what color our skin is and where we’re born. We all seek a safe and stable life where we could live happily and with dignity. We’re all human beings after all.

Also, even though more and more people become conscious about the impact of their lifestyle on the environment, there still are too many people who live carelessly. Our actions affect the world we live in and little by little destroy it. Therefore, we all need to become conscious consumers, reduce plastic waste and live sustainably.

Art With a Mission

The pendant of a human foot was the one that I liked most. Once I got it, I was amazed how precisely it was made and knew that it won’t go unnoticed. It’s a true piece of art with a world-changing mission. The problem of sustainable lifestyle, sadly, is still relevant in Lithuania and whole Europe but people become more and more conscious. However, the problem of lack tolerance is much deeper. Therefore, I hope this foot I have will help me to make people think about their values and become more tolerant of each other.

The story behind Ceramiczne and their mission made me think a lot about my own values and the lifestyle I live. I’ll do my best to make this world a better place and hope you’ll do this as well. The more people will become aware of those worldwide problems and understand that they also can make a change, the better. We all need to spread the word about it and take actions and it’s much easier to do so when you have a marvelous piece of Ceramiczne by your side.

Learn more about Ceramiczne and get your piece of art with a mission here.