Small details to finish up your outfit

Recently I added quite a lot of small details that make major change of my daily outfits and I can tell you that playing around with them in the morning makes me feel great! And of course, during the day I can feel awesome because my outfit is exactly the way I wanted it to be. So, the small details I’ve been enjoying lately are these…

Hair accessories

Hair accessories became one of my favourite accessories last summer and now I like them even more. You’ve definitely noticed the trend of statement hair clips, right? The large ones or the ones decorated with pearls are all over the internet now and, of course, I wanted to have some of them too. So I found some not too massive ones and love to wear them with simple and minimal outfits. Well, and headbands are also great to finish up the outfit. Colourful scarves, headbands, bandanas… Now they’re all part of my daily accessories.

Show off your socks

As the weather got warmer and I got back to sneakers and loafers, socks became an important part of my outfit as well. Cheeky mesh socks, hipster socks with colorful stripes, playful socks with illustrations, and many more. Only when I feel like wearing more of other accessories (earrings, necklaces, bracelets) then I keep my socks simple and unnoticeable but on all other cases, I want them to stand out and to be an important part of my daily outfit.

Statement earrings

Well, I was wearing mostly small and minimal earrings lately so now I feel it’s time for the larger and more massive ones. That’s why I got some old-school looking earrings that remind me of smart dressed and feminine Italian women and are full of vacation vibes. However, I’m still not used to wearing massive earrings daily and prefer the minimal ones but whenever I want to feel special I put them on.

Altogether, these accessories might seem as just small details but together they can make your outfit to have that WOW moment. I’m glad I got all of them right on time, before the summer and vacations, so I can enjoy them as much as I want and play around while expressing my true self through the outfits.