Skincare over 25 – what do we need to know?

skincare over 25

Skincare over 25 – what do we, young women, need to know?

I am 26 years old and most of my gal pals are between 23-28 years old. On one of our chit chats, a friend shared her story.

She went to do a facial cleanse and during the procedure the cosmetologist said to my friend, that she should clean her face at home too. My friend asked – with water?

We had a good laugh after hearing this story but the reality is – we have no idea how should we take care of our skin.

So as a person who wants to keep my skin healthy and beautiful for many years to come, I am ready to dig deep into the skincare tips, and to find out how the heck should we, 25+ ladies, should take care of our skin.

Skincare over 25 – what matter most


Sun protection comes first and foremost. In every article I read, the importance of a good sunscreen was clear.

It is recommended to use 30+ SPF sunscreen. It should be applied each morning on the facial skin, neck, decolte, and tops of the ears if they’re exposed to the sun.

Sunscreen use needs to be a daily ritual.

And if there is only one thing we, 25+ gals devote to stick to, it’s the sunscreen.


The second most important part of skincare routine is cleanse.

It is recommended to use a gentle, not-soap based cleanser twice per day – in the morning and in the evening.

If two times each day is too much and only one cleanse session is possible, it should be in the evening. Never go to sleep without cleaning your face.


The third in skincare for 25+ comes exfoliator.

Gentle cleanse is good for your face, but time to time both face and the whole body must be well exfoliated.

However, the exfoliator should be used no often than once per week. Another way, the skin may become irritated, too dry, and off-balance.


After all the cleanse, the skin has to be hydrated and that’s where comes moisturizer.

It needs to match the skin type and should be applied each day. However, after cleansing and/or exfoliation it is non-negotiable and must be applied on the skin.

Eye Cream

Skin around our eyes is the thinnest and because of that signs of aging shows of here first.

Using an eye cream hydrates this precious skin and keeps it soft and smooth.

Holy Four

So, from what I’ve learned, first comes protection, then cleanse, and finally hydration. These are the most important ones and recommended by basically all the dermatologists.

The Skincare Extras

Vitamin C serum

It seems that Vitamin C is very popular nowadays when it comes to preventing the skin from aging. However, while some say it should be used from the age of 20, others keep it for 30+.


Retinol treatment is also known as vitamin A treatment, and so called gold standard of antiaging. It prevents wrinkles and keeps facial skin healthy.

It is suggested to start small and rarely increase the amount of the retinol applied on the skin. In the beginning, the skin may be a little bit red which means there was too much retinol. Once the skin tolerates it, the amount can be increased.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluron hydrates skin and prevents it from break outs. Since we should be using moisturisers, hyaluron is not a must at 25+.

From what I have read, it seems that it is more beneficial sometime later, once the skin gets dryer itself.

So while some sources say hyaluronic acid should be a part of skincare over 25+, I believe it to be just extra, not a must.

Be healthy

The last but not least skincare over 25 tip is being healthy.

Being healthy means not smoking, eating healthy food, taking vitamins, and having the beauty sleep.

I am glad that while reading lots of articles about the skincare do’s and don’ts, some experts mentioned how important being healthy is.

Even if we are applying all the best skincare products but not living healthy, it is like simply keeping the balance.

Not making us look worse, but also not making us look better.

Meanwhile, by combining a healthy lifestyle and the right skincare products, we can make ourselves look the best we can no matter what age we are.

Oh, and if we will be asked how to take care of our 25+ skin, I hope that both, you and I, will now know the answer.

Protection, cleanse and moisture.

P.s. If you are curious about what skincare products I am using, check out the beautiful things section.