Simple and classy with Daniel Wellington

What’s my story with Daniel Wellington? Four years and counting…

Until my 21st birthday, I had some simple, no name watches that served the purpose but weren’t there to stay. And then, when my parents asked what I’d like to get as a present, I told them that Daniel Wellington watch is what I’d love to have and promised to wear it every single day. My parents didn’t believe that I’ll be wearing it this often but got me the watch and… I was wearing it almost every day since that! Only except the days when I was sick or on vacay.

During those four years, this watch became unseparable part of my daily life. It’s so much more than just an accessory! It makes me feel empowered and strong, in control of my own time and chic. Counting time with this elegant and minimal creature is rather pleasant and simply feels much better than glancing at the phone to check what time it is.

The only thing that changed is the bracelet. My first one lasted until this Summer (almost four years), and now I have a new one – brown leather bracelet.

I love everything about my Daniel Wellington watch, it feels high quality, the bracelet adjusts perfectly to the wrist and it’s nice and clear to look at. If I were choosing a new watch, I’d definitely go for the same one. Always classy it is!

August 20, 2019