Sensay beauty rituals with Douglas

Last month I had a chance to participate in an event held by Douglas on International Womens Day. It was all about Japan beauty rituals, importance of skincare and Sensay skincare products.

While sipping green tea, we learned about the traditions of Japan women, how important skincare rituals are for them and how sacred they are. Also, we all admitted that we usually do these rituals while multitasking: applying face mask and then while with it, we‘re preparing dinner or cleaning home. Meanwhile, Japan beauty rituals require dedication, time and stillness. It doesn‘t take so much time so that we couldn‘t allow ourselves to concentrate on skincare only for 10 or 15 minutes. Instead of prepping dinner, we should allow ourselves to meditate or simply be.

After the event, we received a nice gifts – small packages of Sensay skincare products. After listening to all those Japan beauty rituals and Sensay products, I could try them myself and find out what it means. What I got was 

I‘m not gonna lie, I wasn‘t using these products daily… However, I did my best to use them at least once in two days. The first time I tried them, my skin felt incredibly good – it was so soft and well moisturized that I had to control myself and keep my hands out of the face (yup, it felt this good!). After some time, I got used to that softness and glow, it became the new normal. However, I know it wasn‘t like that before I began using Sensay facial products. 

All I do is that every evening I cleans my face with X and then with Z. I gently apply the X, an oil-based cleanser, on dry skin and remove it with a wet cloth or cotton pad. The Z is an exfoliating cleanser which I apply on a clean, moistened skin and rub with circled movements. When all the face is cleansed, I wash the cleanser off. Then it‘s time for moisture! First comes the lotion A which prepares the skin for absorbing all the best from the moisturizer. I wait around 10 minutes and only then apply the B which is a great moisturizer. That’s all! Just a little less time of scrolling before bedtime and my skin looks better than ever!

Never before have I tried Sensay skincare products nor have I thought about the importance of selftime while using skincare products so deeply. However, now I’m sure the Sensay products can make skin glow and those precious moments of self time are very pleasant.

April 3, 2019