Rediscovering my wardrobe

How many clothes do you have in your wardrobe? And how many of them do you wear? Well, I wouldn’t say that I have lots of clothes but for sure I wear very little of them. When I’m dressing up in the morning there are three types of outfits I choose from: cozy and warm, stylish and hipster, or strong and feminine. This is it. And most of the other clothes remain untouched. But I decided to change my daily outfits at least a little bit and make them more creative and this is where rediscovering my wardrobe comes in! 

To find out what clothes I actually wear and what I like but never reach to in the mornings, I’ve tried out a tip found on Pinterest. The tip suggested to reverse the hangers in the wardrobe and to hang them in a correct way only when the clothe was worn. After a month, it would be clear what clothes just take the room in your wardrobe because of the hangers position. This is where I started as well – just to find out what are my real favorites. These clothes were my safe and comfy go-to options. But what about the other clothes?

So after that month, I had to decide what to do with those clothes that remained untouched. Should I sell them, give away or include in my daily outfits? I’d say this is where the rediscovery began. I picked every dress, shirt, and pants that weren’t worn for a long time and tried to create an outfit I’d love. I played with my wearable clothes, jewelry, and accessories, trying to style an outfit which would cheer me up, inspire and simply would make me feel great. Wanna know what was the hard part there? Being honest. It’s difficult to say fare-well a skirt which looks great but simply isn’t made for you. But the great part was that I actualy rediscovered a loto f clothes that I had been forgotten about. Oh, I’ve also decided that I’m not going to buy any new pieces simply because they would go well with any of those “unworn” clothes because it was all about rediscovering (and decluttering as well).

After all, I had a couple of bags of clothes, around one-third of my wardrobe, ready to find their new home. Even though it was difficult to apart with some of those clothes, it felt wonderful after all. Now I know that in the wardrobe there are only clothes I actualy can wear and look fabulous. Besides, now there’s more space in there and it’s great!

March 26, 2019