Rasa Skincare Products

Keeping facial skin always healthy and radiant is not easy, at least for me. Probably I was too happy about the condition of my skin recently because, well, acne happened to me. I don’t trust home remedies so headed straight to the pharmacy and got myself a few Rasa skincare products – a remedy for acne and a facial cream.

Bye Bye Acne

So a few weeks ago I noticed some acne signs on the most problematic parts of my face and knew it’s gonna be a difficult fight. Even though I use chemical-free skincare products on a daily basis but on occasions like this one I need something truly effective. This is why I decided to give a try for Rasa gel against acne.

I used this Rasa Anti-Acne gel every day for two weeks. Every evening after cleansing my face, I applied this gel on the most problematic facial zones. I noticed these parts getting better after just a couple of days but continued using Anti-Acne gel until acne was completely gone.

Hello Healthy Skin

However, all those acne remedies dry out my facial skin and the chemicals do no good for it either (despite the fact that they destroy acne!). That’s why when I was buying Rasa Anti-Acne gel I also got myself Rasa Beauty Drop face cream. I hydrate my skin every day but this time it needed extra care. Argan and Almond oils are probably the best moisturizers and I could see them making my skin radiant again every day I used it.

Rasa Beauty Drop face skin is rich in Argan and Almond oils. These two oils are probably the best moisturizers and I could see them making my skin more radiant every day I used it. I applied it generously on my facial skin every morning after a shower and on the parts without acne in the evenings.

After two weeks of using Rasa skincare products, I’m finally happy with my facial skin again! The acne is completely healed and my skin is even better than it was before all that mess. Healthy and radiant skin is what we all want and Rasa skincare is the best saviour when skin problems come.

How do you fight acne and keep your skin radiant? Share your secrets!

February 18, 2018