Poa Poa – Skincare With A Story

That’s no secret I’ve been working with Poa Poa skincare brand since last December and yes, this post is about this brand. But I want to tell you more about it not only because I work with them but because I believe what they’re doing is incredible.

About Poa Poa and Social Impact

Poa Poa is a social enterprise working with small-scale producers in developing countries. Right now most of the products are sourced from Ghana and the Philippines but they also work with producers in Nepal and Kenya. Also, it happens to be that most of these products are made by women and young adults in high poverty regions. These are the kind of people who really need help but by doing what they know best and making superb skincare they can earn decent money and live in dignity. Besides, by sourcing skincare products directly from those small-scale producers, Poa Poa cuts out the middleman and is able to pay them a fair price.

The Ingredients

However, skincare products are very delicate, they have to be safe, high quality and well for the skin. Thanks to Poa Poa, I’ve learned a lot about the ingredients used in skincare products and about their properties. All skincare products sold by Poa Poa are made only from natural ingredients and suitable even for a sensitive and problematic skin. Besides, each producer Poa Poa works with has its own main ingredient and because of that can offer outstanding products. For example, Ghana is known for its shea butter so from there Poa Poa sources shea butter with essential oils (it’s packed in a clay pot, see pic above! I love it!) and soaps with shea butter base. Coconut oil based products, such as body and face scrubs and shampoos, are sourced from the Philippines. But what unifies all those different skincare products are the ingredients. They all must be natural and suitable even for sensitive skin.

A Win-Win

My personal favorite definition of Poa Poa is a Win-Win. By using Poa Poa skincare you truly take care of your skin so it’s a win for you. But it’s also a win for those people in developing countries who made it. Only a thought that at least one more product sold might mean a woman being able to buy food for her family means everything to me.

When I started writing this post, I just wanted to tell you the story behind Poa Poa but now I also want to encourage you to check Poa Poa’s website, maybe you’ll find some skincare products for yourself or your loved ones. Besides, Christmas is coming and they have some lovely gift boxes!

Also, I’m very grateful for a chance to be a part of Poa Poa team and I want the whole world to know about its story!