Playing it feminine with Gosh

Okay, so even the title of this post tells that I’m only playing around with the red lipstick but…

The thing is, that all my style is quite a hipster and there are days when I want to be feminine and feel fatal even though I’m not an “all the girly things” kinda person. I don’t wear heels, sweet dresses or makeup (this one is only for special occasions). So my secret power to feeling special usually is nice accessories or a lipstick. Speaking of lipsticks, I had some red-like ones but not one of them was red-red, like the femme-fatales wear in movies.

So… the other day I decided I must find that perfect red lipstick which would be my key to super powers.

Actually, when I determined that the perfect red lipstick must be found, I thought it’ll be enough to go to one store, try on a couple of red lipsticks and I’ll find that one. However, in reality it was a bit different. I ended up going to three stores, spending around two hours in total, trying on those seemingly perfect red lipsticks one after another and hoping the next one will be “the one”. Gladly, after all that time I finally found what I was looking for. A perfect red Gosh lipstick.

I’m so happy about this lipstick that I put it on right after I woke up the next morning and felt divine. Of course, it was all about the mindset and the belief that this lipstick is magical and can make me feel better but it worked perfectly! Smiling all the time when I’m with it and enjoying myself each time I pass the mirror!

April 28, 2019