No pain stylish earrings that I love

Lately, I was so fascinated by earrings that I thought very seriously about getting my ears pierced once again. I already have three holes for earrings. But I thought about having two or three holes in one ear and five or even more in the other.

I believe it’s because lately, lots of women on social media are posting pictures of themselves with lots of earrings and I find it very beautiful (most of the time). Well, that’s how the influence works, my friend. I began dreaming about those extra holes and lots of lovely earrings.

However, after watching a couple of piercing videos, I was also reminded of the pain and the struggles that follow after the piercing. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I want to go through all that again.

Piercing: to do or not to do?

Well, and then I saw the earrings package at Stradivarius. Twelve earrings in total. And four of them – ear cuffs. Earrings, that can simply be put on the ear and don’t require piercing!

Since they also looked nice, I got them because what’s a better way to decide if I need piercing than trying on fake earrings!

It’s been a couple of weeks already when I was wearing them almost every day.

The normal earrings (the ones that need piercing) are great. I enjoy the bright summery colors of that set from Stradivarius and they go well with every outfit.

The Ear Cuffs

Speaking of the fake earrings, the ear cuffs, not all of them fit my ear shape.

There’s only one ear cuff that I can forget about when wearing it because it fits perfectly. That’s the green one I’m talking about. Besides, this is one of the exact spots I was thinking to get pierced. So I’m very happy that I can try it on.

Then, there’s another one that also fits well. However, whenever I’m fixing my hair, I need to keep in mind to be careful with it. Why? Because it can fall off.

And the other two ear cuffs are too big for my ears. When I put them on, they’re so loose that they’re just hanging on the ear but not sticking to one position. However, particularly these two ear cuffs are least my style so even if they fit, I’m not sure I’d wear them.

The Decision

Funny thing is, after wearing these ear cuffs, I kind of get the look I dreamed of. And since I can wear those two well-fitting cuffs together, I’m not sure if I even need to get the real piercing. I simply feel like this is already what I wanted and by getting my ears pierced again, I’ll also have to deal with all the not-so-pleasant things that will follow. So for now, I’ll keep wearing these two lovely ear cuffs and keep my ears away from needles. Oh, I love these fake earrings and am incredibly happy I got them before it was too late.

The set I’m talking about is this one (this is not sponsored in case you wonder).