NIDA in the Shower!

I’m one of those people who always look for new things to try and the same goes for hair-care and body-care. The last time I was hesitating what shower gel and shampoo should I buy but eventually I bought Nida products. I didn’t expect them to be superb but they pleasantly surprised me and I even decided to tell you about them!

Summers in Nida

The first thing that got my attention when I was choosing hair-care products was the name of this brand. Nida. Oh, it has only the best associations for me! If you’re Lithuanian, you know what I’m talking about but if you’re not from Lithuania, there’s something you should know.

Actually, Nida is a small town by the sea where a lot of people spend their summers. But it’s not a summer resort with sleepless nights and never-ending parties. Nida is different, it’s a place for families, elder people and couples. Nida is incredibly beautiful and cozy, full of old wooden houses and surrounded by wonderful nature. This is where I spent summers when I was a kid, where I had the best time with the loved ones and learned how beautiful nature can be.

So when I saw this word written in artsy letters, all those memories came and I got myself curious about Nida hair-care and body-care products.

There also was a wide range of each product and they all smelled like summer the shampoo with wheat was the one I liked most. Without any hesitations, I also grabbed a hair conditioner with the same smell and a shower gel with honey and almonds.

Let’s Have a Shower!

Once it was about time to try out these products for the first time, I had my fingers crossed hoping for the shampoo to get well with my hair. I know it sounds silly but this is exactly how I felt! I don’t know why but some shampoos leave my hair terrible like I didn’t even wash them and some shampoos make them divine. As I didn’t have any other shampoo at home I really hoped for this one to be a good one.

Guess how it was? I fell in love with it! My hair was fabulous! And when I use this Nida shampoo together with a conditioner, it’s even better. The hair is light and lively, easy to brush and stays like this all day long (it would stay longer probably but I wash my hair every morning as it’s the only way for me to wake up).

Speaking of shower gel, I didn’t have to have my fingers crossed because most showers gels suit my skin well. This one wasn’t an exception. Nida shower gel has a nice consistency, smells lovely and I enjoy every moment in the shower because if it.

If you haven’t tried Nida hair-care and body-care products yet, give them a try. They’re made from natural ingredients, have a wide range of wonderful smells and properties and also suit most skin types. Having a shower now is more pleasant than ever before because every morning in my minds I come back to those happy moments of summer in Nida. It’s definitely my new favorite body-care and hair-care brand!

More about Nida here.

April 21, 2018
April 24, 2018


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    April 23, 2018

    Naudojau kelis Nida produktus ir irgi galiu pasidžiaugti, kad man jie patiko – lengvi, atliekantys savo funkcijas produktai už labai gerą kainą. Dabar būtinai artimiausioje ateityje pamėginsiu šampūnus bei kondicionierius 🙂
    P.s.: labai dailios nuotraukos!

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      April 23, 2018

      Ačiū! Smagu girdėti, kad ir tau patiko! Būtinai išbandyk ir šampūną su kondicionierium, bent jau man jie labai tiko, tikiuosi tiks ir tau! ☺️