My Love Story With Uoga Uoga

My relationship with my skin was quite difficult since I was a teenager. My facial skin was oily and I had acne which I have tried to hide under a decent layer of makeup. As you can guess, because of that my skin problems even harshened and I hated it even more. Finally, I almost got rid of acne, partly because I followed the instructions my dermatologist gave me, partly because a few years passed and I was not a teenager anymore, but I still could not stand my facial condition and always hid it under makeup. Time passed and I got used to it but everything changed when I tried Uoga Uoga products.

The Beginning

It all started when my friend was working at Uoga Uoga, a natural handmade cosmetics brand, and offered me to try their face scrub Go Nuts! (aka Pasiutę Riešutai) which was made with almonds and white clay. So I have tried it and it was marvelous! My facial skin was soft and smooth like never before. I just knew that I could not live without that face scrub anymore!

The Journey

Though I felt wonderful after cleansing my face with Go Nuts! I needed to find a proper moisturiser. Oh, I have tried a lot of them but the ones I liked most were also made by Uoga Uoga. Velvet Skin, Orange Cloud, Roses in Bloom… You name it, I have tried literally all facial creams made by Uoga Uoga and they all are brilliant! You wonder, why I like them so much and how they are different from other face creams? Well, first of all, their names are joyful and mood-boosting. Also, they are super easy to use and have a light nice aroma but, most importantly, they really do keep my skin moisturised and nourished!

What do the scrub and cream have to do with loving my skin? Well, I enjoyed using these wonderful products so much that sometimes I just could not put my makeup on! After using Go Nuts! and Uoga Uoga’s face creams, I finally got rid of acne and my facial skin became radiant. The feeling of touching my own skin was so glorious that I simply did not want to hide it.

Happily Ever After

Now it is my daily beauty routine, every morning and every evening I apply the facial cream on my skin, right now I am using Roses in Bloom, and use Go Nuts! few times a week. These rituals and the delightful feeling after using them made me fall in love with my skin. This is how Uoga Uoga made me love my skin!

Try Uoga Uoga yourself and discover those splendid powers of natural handmade cosmetics!
Go Nuts!
Roses in Bloom