My Favorite Natural Body Care Products

When the weather outside is quite humid and cold, skin can be damaged easily. But when the weather inside is dry and warm, our skin also can dry out and become super sensitive. That’s why we must take care not only of our facial skin or hands but of the whole body. So let me tell you about my favorite natural body care products.

Clean Skin

To keep my skin clean, I love natural and simple cleansers without artificial flavors and colors. When it’s cold outside, my skin gets extra sensitive and dry but natural body care products help me to keep my skin healthy. Right now, my favorite cleanser is a creamy body wash BIOK for a dry and very dry skin. It cleans my skin without irritating and drying it out. Besides, I love its packaging, not only because the bottle and the label are minimal and simple but also because of the dispenser cap which stops me from using too much wash.

Keeping It Moisturized

It’s not enough to keep skin clean, it also must be well moisturized from time to time. To do that I’m using Eucerin Complete Repair lotion. I apply it to my skin three-four times per week to keep it hydrated and fight dryness. I usually take a shower in the morning but I try to take a warm evening shower once in a week and then apply the lotion generously. During the night, it soaks into the skin and in the morning it’s radiant!

A great BIOK body wash and a Eucerin lotion are my favorite natural body care products this winter. We all have different skin but if you feel like your skin is dry and sensitive, try out these products they help me a lot and hopefully they’ll help you too!

What do you use to fight dry skin and keep your skin healthy and radiant?

January 22, 2018