My best skin with Avene

When it comes to skin, I can’t complain because my skin doesn’t have any serious problems, just a few small minors that I’d like to get rid of. As you can guess, that’s where Avene comes in.

Those minor skin problems I have are dry body skin, especially on the legs, and I also get red face skin quite often. Nothing serious, right? However, both legs and red face make me uncomfortable, because when wearing dresses or skirts I want my legs to look nice and when I’m talking with people I don’t want them to see me getting covered in red. And no, these skin problems aren’t limiting my life because I still wear skirts and go out without makeup but they make me feel uncomfortable and I wanted to get rid of that.

Recently I decided it’s time to do something extra about my skin and therefore I needed to get myself a well hydrating body lotion which would take care of my dry skin. I wanted to try out Avene body lotion as Ive heard lots of good reviews about this brand and when I was looking for it at the pharmacy, I also noticed Avene cream for facial redness. In the end, I got them both. 

It was around two months ago when I began using Avene Nutri-fluid lotion for face and body and Avene Relief concentrate for chronic redness. With the lotion, the effect was immediate. Most of the time I use it after the shower for my whole body. It makes my skin softer and better moisturized each day. Also, when I started to use it, sometimes I applied it on my skin multiple times per day because I wanted to have radiant as soon as possible and I saw it was working. But now I’m using it every other day and it’s exactly what my skin needs. Speaking about the Avene Relief concentrate for chronic redness, I apply this cream almost every morning on my cheeks, forehead, and nose (the parts that get red often). Obviously, redness can’t be gone immediately so I needed to be consistent and keep using this cream even though I haven’t seen any quick results but now, as around two months have passed since I began using it, I can tell you that it actually works! Now I feel even more confident in my own skin and I can speak with people without having the fear of getting red. 

Conclusion? I’m definitely having my best skin with Avene! I’m so glad I’ve tried out both body lotion and facial cream! Not only they made me look better, they also made me more confident and that’s the most important!

June 7, 2019
June 12, 2019