Love Simplicity – Planet Kasumi

Recently, a wonderful Planet Kasumi pendant came into my life. One more minimal accessory in my collection. One more piece of art. One more perfect gift from my love. Minimal accessories are definitely my favorite ones, let me tell you why.

Express Yourself

Accessories are the final touches of our outfits. They complete us and allow to express the world who we are. I especially love seeing people who wear business clothes, such as a white shirt or a formal dress for example. Many people everyday wear the same clothes. But even then, they look different. And it’s all because of accessories.

Meanwhile, those people who can wear whatever kind of clothes they want every day can express who they are much easier. Their outfits speak for them. However, accessories say even more. They can help you truly express yourself through outfit and show the world your real personality.

Planet Kasumi

When it comes to me showing the world who I am, I usually choose minimal and subtle accessories. Planet Kasumi pendant is exactly my kind of accessory and I wear it very often. It’s just a simple red yarn, with a golden detail and two white pearls. Pretty simple, right? But at the same time, it’s so extraordinary and says so much…

Since I received this Planet Kasumi pendant from my boyfriend, I was wearing it almost every day. It’s a perfect accessory to brighten up an everyday look and make a super simple outfit stand out. It reminds me daily, that in order to create something, I don’t need anything significant. Just a simple but unusual decision can turn up to something spectacular.

We all are different and outfits show our personalities to the world. Accessories are one of the key parts of that expression and image. The Planet Kasumi pendant is my favorite one and the key part of my daily looks. It shows others who I am and reminds me to find extraordinary things in simplicity.

July 10, 2018