Love for Vintage Clothes

My love for vintage clothes started many years ago and, in my opinion, only vintage shopping can be compared with a therapy. There’re so many wonderful things about vintage clothes that I just can’t keep them only to myself, I want you to know them as well!

Therapy of Vintage Shopping


Usually, when you go to the clothes stores, you can guess what you might find there. Also, if you go to the same store once in a month, you can’t expect to find completely different clothes from the ones you saw the last time. Well, when you go for a vintage shopping, you never know what you’ll find! Vintage shopping is truly therapeutical because even by visiting only one store, you can find many unique pieces that would suit your style and won’t be mass-produced. I love the joy of finding clothes that cheer me up and that process of just going through every piece and checking in out. When you go to an ordinary clothing store, you can simply look through the pieces and if you like the colors, only then you come closer and check out the piece. Vintage shopping is completely different, you need to look at every sweater, blouse or skirt, forget the sizes and just try on the clothes you like most. It’s incredibly inspirational and unexpected and this is why I love it so much!

The Story

Another thing that I love about vintage clothes is the story of them. You see, when you buy an old piece, it has a story. I like to imagine what kind of person has worn that piece, where and when it was and what it meant for the previous owner. I always imagine stories in my mind about the life of my vintage clothes before they got into my hands. Also, I wonder in what countries it has been and on what occasions it was worn. I never know the real story but those clothes awaken my imagination and this is wonderful!

Saving Planet!

The third reason why I love vintage clothes is that they help us save the planet. There’s so many stuff thrown away every day and quite often many of these things aren’t actually that bad. Many of them simply lose the value for their owners because they had those things for too long. By shopping vintage clothing, I not only find unique pieces to make my outfits stand out but also save the planet by reusing items that could have been thrown away.

Extraordinary Clothes

I went for a vintage shopping a few weeks ago and got some lovely clothes to cheer up my style a bit. It was such a joy to go through all those old sweaters, dresses, shirts and skirts that I wanted to have almost all of them. However, I ended up with one jacket and two skirts that suit my style perfectly and are quite extraordinary. Besides, I know that no one will be wearing the same pieces unless it was meant to!

If you’ve never tried vintage shopping, find a vintage store and go there! Once you’ll try it, you won’t be able to shop without vintage clothes anymore but there’s nothing bad about it! You’ll simply look even fancier and will be part of planet savers crew!

January 22, 2018
January 24, 2018