Joy of Golden Details: Tadam!

Have you ever noticed how golden details can make us feel warm? Well, every year, when the golden leaves start falling down, I remember this. There’s nothing as warmth giving as golden colors.

This Autumn is not an exception. There are barely any leaves left on the trees and everything around is turning grey. The pathways, houses, streets, and sky… It’s mostly grey tones around me. When the sun is shining, everything is perfect, but on those cloudy days, I simply need colors. I need them to cheer me up and lift my mood because grey ain’t my kind of color.

Therefore, when the surroundings turn into colors of an old black and white movie, I look for colors elsewhere. What’s my favorite color during Autumn? Golden. It’s like that probably because I truly miss those golden leaves and the sunshine… Both of them always makes me happy and joyful.

However, there’s a cure to those moody days when it’s grey everywhere around me. It radiates love and is sprinkled with gold. It’s the Tadam! pendant. Oh, that one is my favorite and the most effective mood booster during those colorless days. Probably it’s made with love, gifted with love of my parents, has this deliciously looking donut shape and… has those perfect golden details.

During Autumn, rays of sunshine and brightness are what I miss most, and this lovely pendant has it all. Moreover, it has the superpower of spreading love. Therefore, I wear my Tadam! pendant very often during this season and accept the joyful energy it gives me!