I’ve been obsessed with nail polishes lately

On one sunny weekend day when I was taking a walk and Spring was in the air, everything around me was still grey. This is when I felt an eager for colors and it happened to be that my nails are the easiest to color! Without a hesitation, I went to the nearest store and got myself a couple of bright nail polishes. Such a joy it was to come back home, make myself a cup of tea, turn on a movie and play around with nail polishes!

What nail polishes I got? Matt green matching with my plants, deep aubergine and sun yellow! And I already had glittery pink one which goes perfect with these three. It was all about the mood lifting colors this time, not about quality or long lasting. I simply wanted my nails to spread the joyful vibes!

A couple weeks passed already since that weekend when I got these nail polishes and I’ve been enjoying them every single day! Of course, they don’t last long, around 4-5 days, but they make me feel so happy. Firstly, because every four or five days I can enjoy the self care time and celebrate my femininity. And secondly, every day when I‘m working, I‘m also seeing my hands and nails as well (laptop all day every day…) and it‘s sooo pleasant to see popping bright colors!

If you have a mood lifting nail polish – go get your nails done! Or call your mani and schedule an appointment. Let the bright colors and the joy they bring into your life!